Why Keep a schedule while working from home?


Why should you keep a schedule while working from home? This is a very great question that you have asked. I can go on and on for days on why keeping a schedule would probably be the best thing you ever will do for yourself. When you have decided that you want to work from home and enjoy your life with your family this is one subject not to miss out on. Working for Prosperity Ventures LLC with PAWS I have learned a lot. From starting out as a client support professional to becoming a IBO and assisting others, and the experience has trained me well on this subject ; I am here to save you some time and trouble of having to learn it all on your own. 

Working from home has its many benefits and non benefits. I will save that title for another blog. The one idea that I want to share with you today is mindset. Though you have embarked yourself on such a grand open and unlimited opportunity, there truly are invisible limits you must place on yourself in order to keep your dreams alive.  

Some individuals will start to work at home and become sooo excited about the flexibility , that every thing they do now becomes flexible.  From shopping to children to school assignments and doing the laundry. They will feel since nothing is really set in stone and no one other than themselves is forcing them to adhere to the responsibility then …. Drop everything your doing and go see what the next buzz is about.  This also happens when almost everything in life becomes an emergency. “Stop I have to get this done” Is an attitude that has become very common in our work at home world and can get out of hand very fast. This is not good. Reason one being, in order to know when to stop you must know how much you value the responsibility. The second reason is “you must now separate the life you want from the life that will give you what you want.” (That was quoted by me Jamille Jones I am pretty proud of it! 🙂 hehe) The truth is now the only difference at working from home than a traditional job is that now you actually “OWN YOUR OWN TIME” Please give yourself a great big pat on the back. That is an accomplishment many will never see. However this also entails you are now ready to manage your own time;Therefore, there is no longer someone else doing it for you. 

Acknowledging that some things in your life are more important than others; This is a great start to narrowing down exactly how much time you have for each activity you want to accomplish. When you can narrow down that time you say you have available, you will also as a result narrow down what it will take for you to achieve your goals. Once again this all comes from personal experience. 

I remember when I was that individual that I am talking about. The one who was so excited to be called a Professional , a support agent , working from home when and where I felt. However what I did not recognize was how jumbled my life was before I took on the title. I would set many hours for my client , ready to go and excited; My family would then say “Hey Jamille you want to go to the park with us?”, “Did you clean the bathroom?”, “Are you going to church today?”, “Can you take me here?”. “Did you feed the baby?” . There were lots of not only important things however fun things that made me feel left out or if not that feel guilty for not attending. Because in my eyes I had all the time in the world and If I say I can then in reality I can.  No NO no no noooo ! I went about that the wrong way .  These questions being presented to me may be questions that are obvious No’s when you have a traditional job. See Traditional jobs give you the boundaries so say “No I do not have the time.”; Once you walk in that door, you know your not coming out for about 8-10 hours if you are full time at a traditional job; Any thing that is going on during that will have to wait.

This is not the case when you are working from home. In the heat of the moment and while your so distracted and worn out from calls and probably really need a break this can get very tempting.  I would just say, well “heck” I guess I only have 30 more minutes left why not it wont hurt. Or I may even suggest I will make the hours up when I come back;However, what I did not know is that this was all affecting my efficiency at work and also my sanity . Yes , my sanity. 

I would arrive back from doing whatever it was that sounded good and had to immediately pick up an emergency hour; Only if it was available or even see that by the time I started working It was 10p.m and I needed to make up however many other hours in order to erase the fact that I dropped only 30 minutes. Those 30 minute increments of time will add up. Not only was this tiring and I wanted to pass out from what ever I decided to do with my day I had even more other things to do like check my  emails, Contact my Performance Facilitator or email her back because I forgot about our meeting that was taking place after servicing but since i did not service I forgot about that too. ” OH ****” Yep those were my words. Most of all every single bit of all your decisions will reflect on your schedule adherence and look poorly when you see that awesome client on the portal paying $13 per hour with only a 10 hour requirement and no weekends . Yes it happens!   I was so torn when I would try and express interest into a new client that I really felt good about and got the deterring message “Sorry you do not qualify or meet the required credentials to continue.” I mean how embarrassing. I felt like a total failure. Yes, no one except my IBO could see these horrendous results. But I am Jamille I love to excel! I have never failed. I am the top of my class in everything that I do. Welp! This time I was forced to admit that I was bombing a great opportunity . Not only was I bombing it I was at a large risk of missing out on an opportunity or worst of all being Terminated and not being able to even think about doing this again. Because as you know if you are dropped and cannot be picked back up it just could be the last of your work at home career; With and Arise Virtual Solutions Partner that is. 

I had to revisit my goals; Look in the mirror and ask my self, ” Is this the type of Professional that you want to represent”, ” Is this the way you organize and provide the best efficient work”. ” Are you even really enjoying yourself.”  Now I could have just not even taken a look at my own deeds and turned and pointed to Arise and blamed them for making it difficult for me since I was performing poorly like most individuals. I could have also blamed it on my lack of knowledge and unwillingness to scope out the opportunity and how to create success in it fully before I started and started saying that “Well I didn’t know” line lastly I could have ignored my lack of responsibility and just stated that seeing I was not my own IBO It wouldn’t harm me as bad. Yet; It was harming me . Not only me, it was harming my entire team. The individuals who lent me a hand and saved me lots of incorporating costs , I was now reflecting to Arise that they were not effectively encouraging me to be the best csp as a Professional for their clients. This was wrong ; My IBO was doing a dang good job at keeping me in the loop at least much ahead of many other stories I had heard about at that time (That’s a total other story for a new blog).  I wanted to not only cry and apologize for these uncontrollable actions; I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to give my baby the time that she truly deserved, Perform well and represent my IBO with great metrics and as well have some personal time that I was not guilty about and lastly at night get the rest that I knew I deserved. I realized that my time no longer needed to be shared and it was time to do something about it! 

After realizing the mistakes reviewing my consequences and fast-forwarding to now being a fully functional IBO I have taken into practice scheduling everything in my life that I feel is valuable and breaking up each portion of value and giving it a time and a place. I am now able to see exactly when and where things can be fit. So when a family member arrives and says hey Jamille You want to go………..  I have an direct answer like yes , “According to my schedule I can do that with you at 8:00 p.m” This not only gave me more respect it demanded more respect from others for my time as well. It placed into perspective what was important to me and it also reminded me of my commitments. 


You wouldn’t believe how far I have come and how de-confused my life has become due to the almighty schedule. I want to encourage you all to plan out your life. Even if you do not follow everything on it, you can use it as a platform that is always meant to be flexible and changed at any time however never to be ignored. It will save you so much stress money and embarrassment in the end . 


Now that you know my own experience and why having and keeping a schedule is so important I hope you will come back to see exactly how to create one. This will be very exciting. In the meantime check out our site we have many new updates. Did I tell you guys that our cellphone service has been discounted to only $39 per month now! Yes you want to hurry and get that deal before its over. 

Thanks for reading guys . I look forward to my next blog to help you succeed. 

Its about 12:02 Yeah I am going to sleep now . that schedule! 🙂    

Have a great night and do not sleep on  that ……………….