What is a home office?

home office space

Click the Photo to see the virtual room!

So you want to know what your office should look like, huh! Well I found a great sample of what that should look like. It kind of has a look just like mine with the exception of different furniture pieces however its simple and well put together. Looking at this example here will give you the basics of what’s needed.

You will need the following:

1) A desk

2) A Very comfortable chair as you will be in it majority of your working hours

3) Internet with medium to very fast speeds

4) A Desktop or laptop

5)Keypad and Headset or Landline Phone and VOIP Headset

6) A Lamp

Another thing that is not listed here or shown is a CPU Machine, which is very important in case you had a short power outage. This will keep your computer running and allow you to logout or close out your conversation with your last customer while you get things fixed. It will also buy you some time to report the issue to your client which will be very important in case they pull the records and see you were not working at your expected hours.  Keeping them in tune is always key when you’re keeping up with your records. The cost for one is not expensive as you can get one from the Prosperity Store for some as low as $99.00. But not to be taken lightly. I personally have had a couple of power failures and hanging up on clients even on accident is still your responsibility. As a professional you want to make sure anything that can be prevented is prevented and this will allow you to have and keep stellar performance.

You always as well want to add yourself a small touch of personality to your room as who wants to be in a room with pure white walls eeeew! Spice it up, put in some color add a clock to keep up with the time.

Having an office instead of working in your room allows you to keep your personal life separate from your professional life. I have tried mixing them together and you just don’t want to go there. You  will end up not knowing what is what, and your days will never end because something is always going on. Keep a schedule and make sure to devote half of your life with what is most important to you. Heck if you have to lock your office door and put on it a big CLOSED sign with the hours of operation do so. This will not only help you to balance your life better but will even limit distractions from family members or visitors that come by to let them know that you are serious about your work and keeping your commitment to them as well.

Here at Prosperity ventures we are all about making sure you are setup for success with Arise Virtual solutions and their clients. Make sure to contact us if you have questions regarding your office set up! Post up a photo of your office we would love to see the many creative ideas you all are coming up with!



Don’t allow a tough challenge to deter you from your success!

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

I know what you are thinking! What in the world, I would never touch that, or would you?

Sometimes you will look at your client customers like  this picture above. You will say “This is horrible”, ” Its just taking way too long to accomplish helping this person”. Or you will say ” I don’t know where to start.” But do not let the rugged doors bring you down or the filth inside take out the light which is ready to shine and able to do the work. You are empowered to use your knowledge and your expertise, your professionalism to scrub away those things that deter you. So that you end with a successful call, email or chat with your customers, think of it as a project and work the angles one step at a time. 

Never think that your challenge is too much because you will be prepared. And if at all you need assistance be sure to not be afraid to go out and ask for help. I have been on so many calls that I have felt that I failed or really was not capable of handling. But, that did not stop me from doing my job. You have to remember that you are a Professional and the only way to get better is to take on experiences that make you a little uncomfortable. What you will know is that you never have to go through that same experience twice because you have noted carefully how to accomplish the task the next time you are approached with the same situation. Also dont feel to confined in only using the information provided to you. On your off time feel free to explore your sources and find those important facts that may help you to understand even better than how you were instructed. I notice that when I look things up for myself I usually remember it a lot more and feel even more knowledgeable about the information I have read. When its just handed to me i tend not to pay as much attention to its importance. So go back and review your material or highlight things you want to go back too or will help you out!

You must also remember that that Space did not get that way alone. There was water, Nature, there were its previous owner which disowned it and had no need for it any longer so therefore did not continue to keep it shining and then it found you. If you relay this to your customers  you will know that they as well did not just all of a sudden become mad non knowledgeable or incapable of cleaning themselves. Someone stirred the situation or something has happened that has brought them to you in this horrible mess. It is your success to be able to take on the challenge of helping them so that they are shining and happy again. They are depending on you to use the tools you were taught to take their emotions uphill so they can’t have faith and security in the company you represent again or even as a new customer to get away from whoever put them in this mess. Their pile of horribleness is not directed to you however they still expect you to clean them up as if you were the one who caused it.

You will be enlightened how this information not only applies to calls you may receive while working, but as well to your daily life.  My friend once stated “A arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward, so when life is dragging you back with stress, it means it is about to send you forward.” So take that small step back and learn from it. Do all you can to keep pressing until your rugged door with rust on all sides becomes the sparkling steel with not a mark that you can comfortably use for something even more productive. Or handle that customer with sensitivity until they are happy and you gain knowledge while helping them so for you its success still and you gain a happy customer for the client your servicing. If you are working on something dirty in life and you feel you are not in the place you need to be just keep the faith because soon all of this hard work will pay off and you will live to tell someone about it.

You only live life once so accomplish those things you want and do not let people or anything try to make you think that you cannot accomplish something that only needs a bit of dedication scrubbing and perseverance and will reveal something even more beautiful and useful to you as you push forward with your plans. 

One mans trash can always be another’s treasure if they tend to it with care!

Prosperity Ventures LLC is here to tend to you with care and if you would like a bit of assistance pushing forward with your career feel free to contact us or even apply and we will be here to support you every step of the way!