About Prosperity Ventures LLC

Have you ever called customer service and your calls were routed to India, or other countries outside the US? This is because in the past 10 years millions of call center jobs where outsourced to foreign countries. We believe it takes 2-3 long distance calls to get a question answered when speaking with someone outside the USA this is because they lack the cultural background and exposure to help resolve your issues faster. However it takes only 1 call to get your questions answered when speaking with someone here in the USA.

This is why Prosperity Ventures LLC & Arise are bringing those call center jobs back to America in the hands of capable US citizens and legal immigrants. Prosperity Arise Work Solutions (PAWS) is the partnership of both Prosperity Ventures LLC and Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. Who is one of the world’s leading providers of virtual business process outsourcing and crowd sourcing solutions for brands seeking to improve their customer experience and results. Arise customizes and delivers high quality voice, e-mail, chat, and mobile customer service solutions to Fortune 500 companies through its network of more than 25,000 entrepreneurial, Independent Businesses in the United States, Canada.
We are currently looking for client support professionals to join us. If you are energetic open minded and dependable want more flexibility and just hate working in that boring cubicle, PAWS is for you!
We have fortune 500 companies who want you to take incoming customer service, sales and tech support calls. Cruise lines, cell phones, office supplies, roadside assistance, travel, drug store, major computer companies, theme parks and many more.
Get paid from $9-$16 per hour depending on the client you choose to train and service and their income package with potential for even more with awesome bonuses from your client Arise and the Prosperity Ventures!

As a Partnered IBO (Independent Business Owner) of Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. the PAWS program has created an awesome structure to assist you to accomplish many if not all of your goals and beyond!
You are paid the Income package your selected client has offered to pay you and that you have accepted. As your dedicated Independent we will handle all of your business tasks such as your payroll, management support and escalations. There is a per Professional tech support fee of $19.75 (subject to change) paid directly to Arise virtual solutions Inc. every pay period along with the bi-monthly (per pay period) service fee paid to your IBO PAWS (for management cost, This allows you to be able and schedule your own hours and keep life flexible). Both the Arise & IBO service fee easily come directly out of your paycheck.

Prosperity Arise Work Solutions is a program which takes leadership as the number one goal. We want to create leaders and cultivate individuals who did not believe they could do such things to be believers. In order to do this we encourage our Client support professional’s to get the most income possible and we help them to do it.
Along with Pre-recorded videos to help you along the way for those who are more independent and visual, and ongoing support for those who are hands on, we have created our Encourage to Excel pack which reduces your service fees as you increase your client revenue for those who are money Motivated!
!Visit http://prosperitycontractors.com  


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