Become Flexible to experience the best of what life has to offer!


So life has been hectic for the Owner of Prosperity Ventures LLC. But though times are hard there is no option to give up. Trying to juggle a baby, work and go back to school for accounting is really challenging , not only that but work too! My goodness I feel as if I am going to break at some point. However having the Arise opportunity and being able to share it with others really makes me happy. It makes all of these challenges worth it!

Some people are not even knowledgeable and wonder wow how are you able to do so much and still survive. I just tell them “Live a life of Flexibility”. I once was that person who organized my life around work and school and that lead me to blocking hours.  School in the morning Work in the evening. But what did that leave for my baby? uuummm i guess that is not great parenting. I didnt leave room or give anything else that was important a chance.  I learned that If you can break up those blocks in 30 minute, 1 hour or 3 hour increments you can get more done. Imagine if you can decide to do two hours in the morning and then return to do 4 in the afternoon  or If you are wanting full time. If you decided you only wanted to work two days out of the week for as much as you wanted and then spent the rest of the day with your family? Yea sounds pretty cool and it is a possibility!

You will still have to pick a schedule and become consistent to be successful and  you still have to show up when you schedule yourself like any other work but now, I am able to organized and focus on the things that are most important in my own life and not what necessarily is expected out of someone else and their needs for their business. Jobs don’t care about you, they care about how you will help them profit. Instead I say what makes me profit and what will give me the best time to be productive throughout my day!

Here at Arise with Prosperity Ventures  you are able to make your children come first, take vacations when you want and how you want to take them, even the small things like lunch and bathroom breaks are now in your control. I love the experience so much. The only hard decisions I have to make is when to do everything lol! I make the same money or even  more  with heightened income potential. I do all of this at my own wishes and it is soo cool. I challenge you all to stop living the block lifestyle. Whether you decide to partner with Prosperity Ventures LLC or another IBO or you just decide to change the way you are living your life; Know that you are empowered to live the lifestyle of your choice. You only have to make those changes and don’t be afraid to take risks. In the end they will always work out if you have faith! Living life in total prosperity is just awesome and a dedication we have to help others live it too!


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